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Meet the Designer

Beth Washington (AKA MoonDragon) is the owner and creator of MoonDragon Designs, a unique company specializing in jewelry that is not only designed to look good, but to make you feel good. Using a combination of semi-precious stones, twisted wire, and a little magic, Beth creates interesting and unique jewelry that simply stimulates the imagination!

Beth has always been the creative type, trying her hand at many different crafts.  She loves to paint and draw, as can be seen from the logo she designed for MoonDragon Designs.  She also enjoys sewing, knitting, finger weaving, and more.  Her largest project ever had been landscaping the yard around her home, having started with nothing but dirt and rocks.  Can't forget all the rocks in New England soil.

As a wife and mother of two beautiful children, as well as working a regular 40 hour a week job, Beth has very little leisure time.  She's not one to sit still for long, and hates sitting idle when she does get the chance.  When she sits to watch her evening television, her hands are always moving, either knitting a warm new scarf, weaving a Native American belt, or twisting some wire for a new jewelry design.

Beth's jewelry pieces are all original designs. Often items are one of a kind, and when they aren't, there are only 1 or 2 others, making each item uniquely special.  All of the items are created with love, and each piece holds a little magic that hopefully will help and inspire the wearer.

Beth likes to refer to this as Crystal Therapy.   All things have power, a vibration that can be used to help a person bring about changes in their personal life. Each stone vibrates at a certain frequency that just recently science has been able to see and measure.  Mystics have known for centuries what science is just now discovering, that all items contain energy that can be harnessed to help bring about change.

So, take a look at the Properties of Semi-Precious Stones page and read about the various stones and what they do.  Then, check out the jewelry pages and see if you can find something that not only fits your sense of fashion, but also helps fulfill an inner need.

Many Blessings!